Hailing from the small island of Guernsey, I am 26 years young and an avid conservationist.  Having just completed my wildlife conservation degree, in which my research focus was the Livingstone’s fruit bat, I have set up camp in Cornwall with my fiance ready to begin my masters degree in September!  In my ‘spare time’ I work as a data processing at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and brand ambassador for One Species.

My fiancé and I are big crossfit bums and, when we’re not sweating it out at the gym, we’re either hiking up a mountain, planning our next adventure, or chilling with our fluffball \/ \/ !


I am a huge believer in education and community engagement as tools in promoting conservation and sustainable living.  It is my hope that by sharing my crazy experiences and lessons as a student and conservation enthusiast I can provide at least a little inspiration.

To echo Leonardo DiCaprio – ‘there is no more time for talk or excuses, we are the last best hope’.

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