Why Science Communication is so Important – Interview with Sophie Pavelle [I].

So who is Sophie Pavelle (@sophiepavs)? Being outside, searching for wildlife and posting about it on social media. That’s what I like doing. Come the time to submit an idea for my MSc dissertation proposal however, and the question was how to roll all these things into a legitimate sounding research project…“I know!”, I thought [...]

Skip Benefit Not Class

In an age where women are battling stereotypes and where men typically outnumber women in STEM careers and positions of power, BUT where women are 'doing science' in greater numbers than ever before, we must be celebrating and encouraging the work of ladies in a characteristically male dominated world!  Those ladies rock. What we absolutely should not [...]

The Greener Choice: Unsustainable fishing is threatening wild fish populations.

I’m a little late on this one!  Despite finishing college (finally!), these last few weeks have still been pretty full on and, when I’ve not been working, I’ve been taking full advantage of our new home in stunning sunny Cornwall. But here it is…the first of my ‘Greener Choices’.  I’ve already mentioned my decision to [...]

Fighting Orca Extinction on the Canadian Coast

Fighting Orca Extinction on the Canadian Coast

Who remembers Granny?  Matriarch to the southern resident killer whales (SRKW); mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to many of the remaining 78 orcas?  She was an oracle for the younger generations, passing on her knowledge on migration routes, feeding sites, and the best fish.  Unfortunately, Granny died in January of this year at the incredible age [...]