Skip Benefit Not Class

In an age where women are battling stereotypes and where men typically outnumber women in STEM careers and positions of power, BUT where women are ‘doing science’ in greater numbers than ever before, we must be celebrating and encouraging the work of ladies in a characteristically male dominated world!  Those ladies rock.

What we absolutely should not be doing is reinforcing the stereotypes that beauty and brains are mutually exclusive; that both cannot be achieved in one ‘handsome’ kick ass package!

As a woman who is pursuing a career in STEM, I have been overjoyed to find so many strong women on social media not only celebrating their education, but showcasing their success and the success of others.   Some of the most interesting, dynamic, and attractive Instagram accounts that I follow are maintained by young women in STEM, and I am glad to finally find accounts centered around education that are able to boast such impressive followings.

Image of Benefit ad campaign billboard
Image from Samantha Yammine (@science.sam)

It’s hard to believe that, considering all we’ve discussed above, a prominent and well loved make up brand such as Benefit could release an ad campaign that serves to invalidate all our hard work; it is completely nonsensical, not to mention infuriating.

Thankfully, it seems I am not the only female to be angered by Benefit’s most recent campaign, where a woman’s obligation to ‘cover up’ far outweighs her education.  In fact, men and women alike are criticising the brand, so much so that stores such as Debenhams and Boots have vowed to remove Benefit’s ad before it can upset the public further.

The uproar continues on twitter.  With the newly borne hashtag ‘SkipBenefitNotClass’, women are voicing their disapproval of the brand’s latest design, proving their ability to look good and crush grades at the same time.  Show your support for women in education and join the conversation.

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