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My miscarriage story

Three weeks ago, my husband and I were dealt the worst blow of our lives – we had become the 1 in 4 who miscarry. I’ve shared my story to break the silence on miscarriage.

TIME TO TALK DAY – How I Accessed Help

It’s Time To Talk.  Time To Change’s campaign works to get us talking about mental health.  I often find that people assume this is aimed only at those suffering with mental ill health but we won’t normalise these conversations if we don’t all adopt this practice.  Whether you have a disorder or not, I encourage […]

Confessions of an Environmentalist

That’s right!  I am not completely zero-waste; I am not a fully-fledged vegan; and convenience and bargains will often prevail. While I have worked hard to make changes, my journey towards sustainability is still a work in progress (see how to kick start your journey here). I’ve also fallen off the wagon a touch lately.  In […]

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Sophie hiking whilst filming with her iphone.

Voices in Conservation

Podcast coming soon!

Get real insights into the lives of conservationists, science communicators, wildlife filmmakers, and more!