‘Massive change is required right now…there must be no more talk, no more excuses, no more ten year studies.

We are the last best hope’

Leonardo DiCaprio


Chasing Coral

Can you tell me what a coral is?  Is it an animal or a plant? Or is it something else entirely?  In fact, it is both animal and plant, and then some! Corals are one of the unsung wonders of the animal kingdom.  We’ve all heard of them, yet most do not consider them to …

Living Waste Free – Interview with Sam White

This week’s feature is a little different, but blazing a trail nonetheless!  Sam (@livingwastefree) leads a sustainable life, cutting out waste wherever she can, and offers some great tips on her Instagram account.  So, over to Sam.. Hello! My name is Samantha White, I’m 24, and I live a zero waste lifestyle. I started this …


Hailing from the small island of Guernsey, I am 27 years young and an avid conservationist. My fiance and I recently moved to Cornwall, and I am currently undertaking my MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter!  In my ‘spare time’ I work as a data processing volunteer for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, brand ambassador for One Species, and social media volunteer for WildTeam UK.

I am a big believer in education and community engagement as tools in promoting conservation and sustainable living. It is my hope that by sharing my crazy experiences and lessons as a student and conservation enthusiast I can provide at least a little inspiration.

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