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3 Hidden Gems in Scotland

You might know by now that I love getting away from civilisation and connecting with nature! Whenever Daniel and I go away, I spend heaps of time hunting for places that are a little more off the beaten track.  Not just remote but lesser known locations that are likely to be quiet.  It’s often total […]

5 Nature Connection Activities for Mental Health: What I Do

I’ve found that, through working in conservation, I have formed far richer connections with nature and people. However, it also brings with it HUGE responsibility as you become painfully aware of the pressures society is placing on our planet.  An occupational hazard for any conservationist!

Kick Start Your Sustainable Journey in 5 Steps

One of the biggest obstacles to people ‘going eco-friendly’ is the never-ending list of changes to make.  It’s daunting.  But what’s the phrase? — ‘When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time’.  I’m going to share the first steps I took to kick start my sustainability journey.  Think of it as a lifestyle […]

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Sophie hiking whilst filming with her iphone.

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